Biophotonics Lab

Principal Investigators: Dr. Mahnaz Eskandari and Dr. Mohammad Moeini

Location: Department of Biomedical Engineering, 6th floor

The Biophotonics Lab was founded in 2019 in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT, known as Tehran Polytechnic). In our research laboratory, we investigate the application of light-based technologies in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. More specifically, our research is focused on the following topics by integrating the recent advances in laser technology, imaging methods, biomaterials, and nanotechnology:

  • Custom-made, minimally invasive optical setups for the study of tissue and organ function and early detection of diseases
  • Study and manipulation of biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and organ levels
  • Cancer therapy using radiation methods and drug design based on our fundamental research
  • Light-sensitive smart micro/nano carriers for targeted, “on-demand” drug delivery
  • Theranostics
  • Combination of optics and microfluidics techniques in biomedical engineering applications

If you are interested in working with us, please contact Dr. Mahnaz Eskandari ( ; or Dr. Mohammad Moeini (